The Pioneers Of Freedom Of Speech And Privacy For The Online Age

There are over 3.2 billion global online users, meaning over 40% of the world’s population has an internet connection, and this figure is growing exponentially. This increase in connected populations comes with the danger of an individual’s online footprint and vulnerability to potential identity theft, online fraud, censorship and surveillance and activity. VPN technologies both protect and enable. eVenture Ltd’s is leading the market with high-speed connections and a promise to keep your data private, based out of Malaysia governing laws mean they never store user data ensuring the security of their customer’s right to a voice.     […]

Can you transform insurance from the outside?

Preface: Yoav Farbey speaks to Estonian insurance entrepreneur Risto Rossar, CEO of [Insly], about disrupting the insurance industry, the future of finance and how to make an impact when approaching insurance from the outside. Risto, please talk to us about your entrepreneurial journey in the insurance industry. I have been in insurance for 15 years when I established an insurance brokerage company in Estonia. We started to sell insurance purely on the internet and so it was not very traditional. We compared prices, issued the policies and managed all the administration on behalf of insurance companies. Of course, back in […]

A Weekend of Idea Discovery – 3 Day Startup 2015

What happens when you bring together more than eighty students for forty-eight hours and challenge them to build eight new businesses to pitch to a panel of venture capitalists? This was the challenge set at 3 Day Startup in Edinburgh last weekend when a group of undergraduates and postgraduates from Scotland’s universities came together to develop startup ideas ranging from video applications to Rose oil extraction devices and Celtic wedding consultancies. The post A Weekend of Idea Discovery – 3 Day Startup 2015 appeared first on Christopher Sladdin.

The Startup Interview: Josh Carson, Lara Findlay and Andrzej Schmidt, Founders of GearedApp

A chat with the founders of GearedApp about their company’s rapid growth, their commitment to accessibility, building business through trust and how they manage a team that’s split between their Edinburgh headquarters and a flat in Saudi Arabia. The post The Startup Interview: Josh Carson, Lara Findlay and Andrzej Schmidt, Founders of GearedApp appeared first on Christopher Sladdin.

SSP 3.6: Funding Options

Bootstrapping, crowdfunding, angel/VC … when is each option useful? Bob and Patrick discuss these options along with specific examples, including,,,,,, and more. Tweet This Post

SSP 3.2: Jason Swett, Snip Salon Software

This week, Bob and Patrick interview Jason Swett, founder of Snip Salon Software on how to build a side business into a startup, finding what your startup should deliver and more! Links: And as a reminder, while Patrick has left the warm embrace of Microsoft, I’m still sponsoring startups for Microsoft Bizspark. Drop me a line at if you want in. No guarantees, please no xbox script kitties, and since I don’t work for/get paid by MSFT I have limited influence. On the other hand as of Thursday; September 24, 2015, 394 startups I’ve recommended have been approved for BizSpark.. […]