More With Less / 45

The launch commercial of the New Fiat Tipo is a detailed journey that twists and turns between different roads, while a voice-over explains all the features of the vehicle. During all the commercial, always exposed above the car, we see the price of 12.500 euros. As the speaker lists all the features of the New Tipo, the numbers that compose the price seem to change, as they want to update, but the peculiarity of this counter is that, when the numbers stop, the price is exactly the same as before: 12.500 euros.

Dust Globe / 5

Forget those cheesy jingling bells: Dodge is all about loud engines and badass driving, even at Christmas time. The Dodge DustGlobe is a very special gift featuring the iconic Dodge Challenger, sent out to a limited number of top Dodge collectors and lovers in December 2015 to keep the sacred flame of driving alive.