Spotlight On Mobile Payments

While the mobile payments marketplace is still viewed by some with skepticism, it is already greatly impacting the consumer, retailer and marketer value chain. We’ve witnessed technology’s impact on consumer behavior before and know that these disruptive movements tend to growslowly over time before suddenly taking over as an indispensible element of daily life. In fact, if you blink you may even miss that pivotal moment when a fringe technology becomes the status quo.

Facebook Emojis

We’ve all been there: you see a sad social post from your friend and want to show support, but you don’t want to “like” it. Your friend posts an article that talks about something you disagree with, and you wish Facebook had a “dislike” button.  Your best friend just had a baby, but you don’t just want to like it – you want to “LOVE” it! Of course you can simply comment, but we live in a visual world and with a tap of a screen or a mouse click, you can easily bond with your friend or family.